Re: Testing GTK application

On 8/1/05, muppet <scott asofyet org> wrote:

Gábor Szabó said:
While I don't see huge enthusiasm about the issue here on the mailing
list let me continue with what I found.

Don't confuse silence with lack of enthusiasm.  Your question is more about
gtk+ than about perl, and about win32 rather than X11, and so targets a very
small portion of the list members.  And, you asked on a weekend.  Patience.

yes, you are right I just usually don't have a windows machine and today
I am using one so I quickly tried to test it.

The same question would apply to testing on X11 as well. Maybe not for the
customers but at least for me :-)

The take-home message is that win32 testing tools designed to scrape
information from apps that use the Win32 API and controls probably will not
work very usefully with gtk+ or QT, as those toolkits draw everything

Actually I would like to have a Perl module (similar to Win32::GuiTest)
that could somehow talk to GTK+ or GDK or whoevere has the information
and I could just call PushButton($button_id)

I'll check the gtk-devel-list though right now it is more like general
interest than actual
need. It will become a need next week :-)


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