Re: Testing GTK application

While I don't see huge enthusiasm about the issue here on the mailing
list let me
continue with what I found.
I ran a GTK application written in Perl and tried to see what WinSpy
knows about it.

I found a "gdkWindowToplevel" with the real title of the application.
Within that it found many window children and grandchildren and each one of
them was of "gdkWindowChild" type and each one of them had the name of the
program as its title. So it seems I cannot use that.

But then I noticed that WinSpy found itself and it says it is of
"gdkWindowToplevel" type
and it could show all its child windows.

Anyone with some input on the issue ?


On 7/30/05, Gábor Szabó <szabgab gmail com> wrote:
Earlier I asked already about the Testing module of GTK, thanks for that reply.

I am looking for something else now.

One of my jobs is to test applications on Windows.
For standard MS based applications Win32::GuiTest works quite well in
being able to
fetch the menu list, select a menu item, move the mouse, click on
buttons by their name,
fill in text fields and even check what's written in them.

Recently I had to solve the same issue with an application written in
C++ using Qt but
so far I had no luck. I'll bring that up on some Qt list later on but
for now I would like
to see if this can be solved for application written in GTK.

The truth is that I have not tried this yet on Windows, so it might
turn out to be straight forward. Windows might expose all the
ineternals of the GTK app. But I doubt it.

So I would like to get you opinion. If I have an application written
in some arbitrary language e.g. C++ using GTK+ how would you test that
application ?

Of course the same question stands on Linux/Unix as well.


Gábor Szabó
Perl in Israel
08-975-2897   054-4624648    AIM: gabor529

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