Re: [Fwd: Re: Gtk2::MenuItem get_label?]

Grant McLean wrote:

You're not going to get far with Gtk2 if you're afraid of the MVC stuff :-)

I'm not that afraid. ;-) Actually, I did quite a lot of hacking with
TreeView and related stuff ...

The ComboBox is actually very easy to use from Glade,

OK, I'll have a deeper look at this one.

but if you need any kind of toggle menu item then I don't think it
will cut it. If you don't need toggle menu items then I've completely
misunderstood your original problem.

No, I don't need no toggles. ;-) Just a plain pulldown menu for
selecting values, just like the deprecated OptionMenu.

Well it's a handy module (in the Class-Accessor distribution on CPAN)
but it's trivial to change the script not to use it - just replace $self->gui with $self->{gui}.

Meanwhile I installed Class-Accessor and your example works as expected.
Thanks for the sample code.


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