ANN: Gtk2::Recent hits the CVS

Hi all.

I've uploaded the latest revision of the libegg/recent-files bindings
(Gtk2::Recent) to the gtk2-perl CVS server.

I noticed, using Gnome 2.10, that sometimes 'make test' hangs when
adding a new item to the recent files model.  We ship the current CVS
snapshot of EggRecentModel, so it seems that it's upstream where to
place the blame (plus, the eggrecent stuff seems unmaintained, at the
moment). Anyway, clearing the recent files list (Places -> Recent
Documents -> Clear Recent Documents) fixes this particular issue.

Anyway, the bindings work correctely. It's still missing a display
widget, but since the eggrecentviewgtk object really sucks (${DEITY}, I
instantly regret having had lunch, when I look at it) I'll soon put up
my all-Perl implementation of a recent files menu.

Happy hacking,

Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com>
Web site:

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