Yesterday I tried to look at the gtk-demo mentioned in an earlier post.
It seems I only have the gtk-demo for C version installed and it took
me a day to realize
I should look in the source distribution of the Perl binding of Gtk+ to find it.
(Luckily I am on Linux right now but on the days when I am using
Windows from the
ppm installation, this would not help I guess.)

It is nice it is there but IMHO it would make more sense if this
/gtk-demo, along with the /examples would be installed in the bin
directory both when installing using (e.g. on Linux) or when using ppm on Windows or with basically
any other installation method.

So not knowing about the Perl version of the demo I started to write
my own demo tool
and included in it a few very basic example and all the files from the
examples directory
of the source distribution.

In order to avoid installing many files on the users machine, the demo
tool is distributed
with all the example source code put in its __DATA__ section. 

You can take a look at what I have made so far at

I'd appreciate your feedback on whether this seem to be useful for
others as well, if
this could be added to the source tree and released with the next
version and installed
as an executable or shall I distribute it myself?


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