Re: cairo and gtk+ 2.8

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 09:29, muppet wrote:
gtk+ cvs HEAD now depends on cairo, and the next stable version will, 

yeah, but i have yet to get jhbuild to build gtk+ with cairo. gtk+ seems
to use api that doesn't exist in the cairo i get with it.

iirc, there are some fledgeling perl bindings for cairo in cairo's cvs 
(written by someone we know :-).  will these be stable in time for us 
to depend on them when gtk+ 2.8 comes out?

if cairo is stable the perl bindings could be made stable with a few
afternoon's work. the only thing missing from the perl cairo bindings
right now is the ability to get places to draw on: xwindows, gtk+
windows, glitz contexts, etc. i'll spend some time this weekend going
over the bindings. i do know that they've changed a non-trivial amount
of cairo's api so that's probably what i'll focus on working out. if
someone else (hint) wants to look into what's involved with getting the
other types (for backends) in working order.

(i'm not sure at this point whether cairo is exposed from gtk+, but i 
believe it is.)

don't know about that either. even if it is exposed i don't think it
would be all that safe to use it yet. so far as i know cairo isn't
anywhere near 1.0 (true api stability.)


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