Re: Segmentation fault in gtk2-perl-application

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 20:40 +0200, Stephan Brunner wrote:
Am Samstag 02 April 2005 17:01 schrieb Stephan Brunner:
Yepp, this obiously isn't a gtk2-perl issue, but a gtk+ issue -- the C
program also crashes (thank you for the gcc-commandline, it would have
taken me hours to figure that out...). In addition, I found out I also get
the segfault if I change to my home directory in the FileChooser and don't
"open" a directory, but press the cancel-button.

I will file the bug and link to our discussion (maybe after trying with the
latest gtk+, if time allows to download and compile).

Well, time allowed to download and compile and, happy me, with gtk+-2.6.4 I 
can't reproduce the segfault. Obviously, somone found and fixed the bug 
already (though I didn't find the bugzilla entry till now).
Hopefully, they will upgrade Sarge to gtk+-2.6.4 soon!?

I'm running Sarge and I don't get segfaults with any of the test scripts
from this thread.  Perhaps you could try doing a re-install of the
libgtk2.0-0, libgtk2.0-bin and libgtk2.0-common packages.  It might be
that one of your library files has been corrupted somehow.


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