Re: Segmentation fault in gtk2-perl-application

On Apr 1, 2005, at 5:39 PM, Stephan Brunner wrote:

Yes, this script also segfaults. The backtrace is pretty much the same as
before, I think line #7 changed a bit (missing my_perl = ...).

alright, then, try the attached C program.

Attachment: stephan-crash.c
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if *that* still causes a crash (it doesn't for me), then file a bug in gtk+'s bugzilla and attach the program.

Seeing this, it seems to me that the segfault depends not on directory names or contents, but more on the relation of working directory and the selected
directory -- although I understand that this is pretty vague and merely
impossible to extract hard facts or infos from.

that makes it sound like something is wrong with GtkFileChooser.

the valgrind output confirms that there's memory corruption,
specifically, using freed memory on the heap.  the fun part will be
tracking down where and why that actually occurs...

Puh, the thing is that I'm simply lacking any of the needed knowledge for this
"fun part". Is this at all possible for you as you can't reproduce the
segfault? Or, what can I learn and do to get it done?

valgrind usually tells you something along the lines of "invalid access to this memory, which was freed here" with two backtraces. you go into each one and poke around to see if freeing the object is the correct thing to do there. it nearly always depends on what the actual code is.

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