Re: Mandrake patched perl-GTK2 in a bad direction?

Grrrhhmmm, Andrea!

Andrea Bravetti 2005. április 4. 15.20 dátummal ezt írta:
Hi Peter,

I've got this letter from a tester of one of my program - who uses
and the needed modules from CPAN:

I was degraded from developer to tester? ;P

No, no, no, no! But if I adduce you - before publishing - as a developer, then 
my skin from my face will burn out. Now it's happening. :)

For _() I understand is not a Mandrake related problem: Gettext is not in
my system... I will install it now, but we really use it?

Would be nice to know what muppet think about the choice to use a manual
layout instead of using HBox/VBox.

Yes, muppet sent me private letters. But I'm very dissaponted about the 
Mandrake's imbecility. I'm gonna change my distrib and forget Mandrake 
forver. As I remember the Mplayer team changed Debian to Slack for a similar 
bullshit thing too. It seems like my choice is gonna be blackPanther Linux, 
where the Main Developer is my friend, so I can whine to him 
courageously... :)
Now, I'm archiving and changing my distrib, see ya later.


Péter Simon (Pepó)

GPRS Easy Connect team
simon peter linuxuser hu

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