Mandrake patched perl-GTK2 in a bad direction?

Hi List,

I've got this letter from a tester of one of my program - who uses perl-GTK2 
and the needed modules from CPAN:


the line:
    $splash_win{label} = new Gtk2::Label(_("Loading GPRS Easy Connect"));
  $splash_win{label} = new Gtk2::Label("Loading GPRS Easy Connect");

I used at first Glade(1) for the design and after I rewrited the code to GTK2, 
maybe the GTK2 doesn't like the underline character in this case?

2, He wrote me this too:

I think set_uposition was removed from Gtk2-perl, but the Mandrake's 
version has some patch for backward compatibility.
I think using set_uposition it will work only with Mandrake!
I'm using Glib, Gtk2 and Gnome2 from CPAN!

Is he right??? I'm using Mandrake now while making my program and there wasn't 
chance to test under other distrib. Do I have to rewrite all code using VBOX 
and HBOX????


Péter Simon (Pepó)

GPRS Easy Connect team
simon peter linuxuser hu

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