Re: Custom Cell Renderers for 'normal' widget ( ie not in a list ).

Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:

I don't think custom cell renderers are what you're looking for.  Just
use a normal entry and place a button beside it that pops up the
calendar.  When the user selects a date, the text in the entry is

In fact, since that's a rather common task, there's a complete widget
already: Gnome2::DateEdit.
I see.
The 1st idea is OK, but I'd rather use Gnome2::DateEdit.

Problem is, I'm using Glade, and the project was set up as a Gtk project, so I don't have any Gnome2 widgets available. I originally had ideas of running this under Windows and didn't want to deal with getting Gnome2 libraries running ( not sure if it's even possible ). But now I don't really see the point any more, and I'm happy making the project Linux-only.

So I made a new Gnome project and had a look at the XML file. From what I can see, the ONLY different is that the Gnome project has a line:

<requires lib="gnome"/>

right after the line:


I tried pasting that line in my existing project, and re-opening it in Glade, but apparently Glade knows better and still insists that it's a GTK-only project.

Any ideas? Sorry - I know it's not exactly in the scope of this mailing list.


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