Re: Almost out there... Gtk2::Ex::Utils && Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs

Kevin C. Krinke wrote:

For those interested, I've put up a site for the two projects along with
the latest incarnation of the packages. FYI: the mailing list and bug
tracking sites are not available yet but the URLs in the POD are the
correct ones.

Any and all feedback, complaints, constructive commentary, etc is

Providing nothing crazy happens this weekend I'll be uploading these to
CPAN and doing any final touch-ups on Monday morning.

You can find all of this at:

Thank you.

Actually the other examples don't work for me either.
They all complain about not having a message, eg:

*** Gtk2::Ex::Dialogs::ErrorMsg will not create a dialog without a message.

I haven't been able to figure out why yet. I'll have a closer look when I get some time.

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