Re: Gtk2::CTree from Gtk2-Deprecated-0.05

On Sep 26, 2004, at 4:38 AM, Martin Junius wrote:

I ported an old Gtk-perl application to Gtk2, using Gtk2-Deprecated for a hierarchical CTree.

The GUI builds just fine, including the CTree with the whole data, but the CTree doesn't respond to *any* event (selection, expanding, collapsing etc.). Any idea, why? Or where should I start looking?

perldoc Gtk2::TreeView (displays TreeModels and their data)
perldoc Gtk2::TreeStore (the treestore contains hierarchical data)
perldoc Gtk2::TreeModel (treestore implements the treemodel interface)
perldoc Gtk2::TreeSelection (how you control selections on a TreeView)

/me coughs

really, don't waste time on the CTree. Gtk2::Deprecated exists only to let you have something that works while you port the rest of your app around the CTree/CList/Text widget. now it is time to port the rest of your app.

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