Re: Database interaction?

Jan Hudec wrote:

Hello All,

Has anyone made any progress on database interaction widgets?

I have found some posts about Gtk2::TieScalar:,
but it does not seem to be distributed anywhere.

I have also found this thread:,
where some work on DBI tree-model was mentioned.

So I'd like to ask, whether it's going to be available somewhere.
Aha! Demand :)
OK then.
I've just made a 2nd release of my database helper thing.
You can get it here:



Version 0.2, released 06-Sep-2004

   Renamed from gtk2-gladexml_DBI_helper to Gtk2::Ex::DBI
   Added support for Gtk2::TextView
   Added missing event support for Gtk2::Calendar
   More comments and documentation
Remove fieldlist requirement from 'new' method. Fieldlist is assembled on-the-fly
   Fixed error if no on_current sub defined
   Deal with NULL date values when painting form
Fixed bug where fields weren't getting their respective 'changed' signal connected if the initial query returned no results
   Added initial support for calculated fields
Better handling of zero values ( don't use undef just because a zero is encountered )

Version 0.1, released 04-Jul-2004

   First Version :)
   Basic querying
   Form painting
   Database updating
   External callbacks


I've been using it at my work for over a month now with no real issues ( none that aren't fixed anyway ). I've renamed it from gtk2-gladexml_DBI_helper to Gtk2::Ex::DBI as requested. I still haven't figured out a way to automate installation ( haven't tried too hard either ).

Works good for us anyway. Feel free to request features, report bugs, etc. I'm not completely happy with my 'calculated fields' feature. It looks a bit clumsy, but it does what I want for now. If someone has a better suggestion, I'm all ears...

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