Re: Database interaction?

On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 09:30, Jan Hudec wrote:
Hello All,

Has anyone made any progress on database interaction widgets?

I have found some posts about Gtk2::TieScalar:,
but it does not seem to be distributed anywhere.

What's attached in that archive post is the latest.  I haven't made any
changes, as it met my personal needs so far.  D. Kazak seemed to be
interested, but found a Better Way(tm) for his purposes.

I can release it soon at a real URL, for now what was attached can be
considered the latest/best.

I thought it might get included with the Gtk-Perl package, but no one
asked and I haven't pressed.  muppet (I think) referred me to someone
else's code in the beginning.  I looked, and thought it was doing a
whole lot of sanity checking for little real purpose.  That code did
convince me I was on the wrong (too complicated) path though, so the
released code is kind of an amalgam of his and my versions.

It's possible that it was recommended to me to use another namespace and
release it separately, I just don't recall, and didn't have any URL
means to release, and no apparent interest from anyone else, so I left
it go.

What would you like me to do?


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