Re: utf8 bug ?

On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 15:18, muppet wrote:
the pango bindings are much more complete in HEAD and even in 1.04x beyond
1.02x, but i don't know of any such escaping functions.  if you find any that
aren't bound, let us know on the list.
After quick search in google, there is a g_markup_escape_text in GLib :

don't get me wrong, i don't think that copying is a great idea.  since you're
wanting to store the values in gtk+ data structures, they need to be in utf8
to begin with.  "use utf8;" should work fine for string literals, but i
imagine your data is coming from elsewhere; couldn't you use the Encode module
to make them utf8 when you read them in?  then the upgrade won't happen and
everything should be happy.

i say all this without a full understanding of encoding issues, or indeed
exactly what is the source of that panic.  i expect that the regex is trying
to run in a different encoding, so "use utf8" might help with that, too.

It's ok, I wanted to move my data file to utf8 anyway, it's only the
filenames that need to be converted back to locale encoding to use with
open, stat, -r, ... (although I use utf8;)

But there should be a warning in the documentation (maybe I missed it),
I see this as a $a=$b; where $b is changed.

Quentin <squentin free fr>

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