Re: Gt2k::GladeXML examples missing from install package?

Ross McFarland said:
Torsten Schoenfeld said:
Objection on Gtk2::GladeXML, Gnome2, Gnome2::GConf, Gnome2::Print: They
would have to branch first.  HEAD is their stable branch which shouldn't
depend on an unstable Glib.

none of those will release before Glib goes stable:
  * true: it's ok to commit
  * false-1: i'll keep the commits waiting on stable Glib
  * false-2: we could check for the existence of the postamble_install sub and
not call it if that'd be a problem. (could just look at the VERSION in

i'd prefer true or false-1. false-2 which would be kinda messy.

my only concern is that this is increasing the version dependency merely for a
build-time requirement, and just to install some files that will rarely be
used.  Gnome2::Canvas needs nothing that has been added to Glib since 1.040,
and nothing that has been added to Gtk2 since 0.9something, but i made it
depend on 1.040 because that was the API freeze.

now, when somebody has a problem, i'm usually the first to say "you should
upgrade", but i understand that there are often extenuating circumstances and
i don't want to force upgrades where they are not needed.

so, unfortunately, false-2 sounds like a nice compromise.  but before that
could really happen, i'd definitely want to clean up the stuff in
canvas_demo... it's very messy.  :-/

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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