Re: Gt2k::GladeXML examples missing from install package?

On Tue, 2004-11-16 at 04:07, Jason Stirling wrote:
Hi all.

(Apologies if this isn't the correct place for this.)

The man-page for Gt2k::GladeXML 1.001 suggests that some example apps are provided, but I can't find any.  
Is the man-page wrong, or have the examples simply been omitted?

the examples are avaiable in src releases. they're actually only
installed in Gtk2. (i'm going to go through and fix this.) for now you
can find them here:
GladeXML is under the Glade directory.

Also, the man-page suggests you can catch window-delete-events by providing a "gtk_main_quit" sub in your 
code, but this doesn't seem to be the case.  After much experimentation I eventually discovered I had to 
add an appropriate signal-handler in Glade.  Perhaps the man-page could be made more clear regarding this?

the only reference to gtk_main_quit i see is this:

        It is worth noting that callbacks you get for free in c such
        as gtk_main_quit will not exist in perl and must always be
        defined, for example:

             sub gtk_main_quit

which says that you can't directly call gtk functions like you can in C.
you don't have access to the gtk_main_quit symbol from perl. and you
have to wrap it as above. where'd you see something that says that? i
can't seem to find anything that does. i will admit i'm looking at cvs
HEAD, but i don't think any of the doc has changed.


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