"make test" of Gnome2::Wnck Leaves WM Confused

I've seen this happen on my Fedora Core 1 box (with gtk+ 2.2.4) and Fedora Core 2 (with 2.4.something). When I build the Gnome2::Wnck package and run tests, the tests all succeed. But something in one of the tests leaves the window manager (metacity) with a fried understanding of the workspace layout. I have a 2x2 layout (with a pager in the taskbar). Think of it as:

        A B
        C D

Before running the test, ctrl-alt-<arrow> moves between these just fine-- c-a-up from C moves to A, from A or B does nothing. c-a-left from B moves to A, from A or C does nothing, etc.

*After* I've run "make test", the pager is still OK if I use the mouse to select a workspace. However, the keys are screwy: c-a-down from A *should* go to C, but it goes to B. c-a-left from B goes to D. It's as though metacity sees the workspaces as:

        C A
        D B

Worse, I can't get them back unless I exit GNOME and log in again-- even killing metacity and letting it respawn doesn't fix it.

Any ideas what might cause this? I just encountered this with the latest version on the download site.

Randy J. Ray        Campbell, CA    http://www.rjray.org   rjray blackperl com

Silicon Valley Scale Modelers: http://www.svsm.org

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