Re: perl-Gtk2 in glade/glade2

David Alcobero said:
One question, perl-gtk2 are implemented in the new versions of perl? I
have the "new" glade2, and i can only see the lenguages c,c++ and
ada95. Can I put perl with gtk2 here? downloading some plugin? or the
gtk2-perl aren't implemented in the news verions of glade-2?

    Q: Where's the Glade option to generate perl code?
    Glade doesn't natively convert glade files to source code, it uses
    helper programs to do that. A few converters are included with Glade,
    but one for Perl is not included. The Glade2-compatible version of
    Glade2Perl, Glade2Perl-Two, has not been updated since very early
    versions of gtk2-perl.

    The Gtk2::GladeXML module allows you to create your UI directly from
    the glade file (or buffer in memory) at runtime; this may prove a more
    fruitful route.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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