Re: perl-Gtk2 in glade/glade2


On Wed, 10 Nov 2004 22:48:00 +0100, David Alcobero <anguila gmail com> wrote:

One question, perl-gtk2 are implemented in the new versions of perl? I
have the "new" glade2, and i can only see the lenguages c,c++ and
ada95. Can I put perl with gtk2 here? downloading some plugin? or the
gtk2-perl aren't implemented in the news verions of glade-2?

Do you mean, the auto-generation of Perl code using Glade?

If it's what you wnat to do, there's no Perl code generator - and the
code generation, even for the other languages, should *always* be
avoided (the code is ugly, redundant, un-optimized and possibly a
source of bugs).

The common practice for Glade projects is to use Glade for creating
the XML file for the UI, and libglade inside the code to create and
manipulate the UI at runtime.


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