Re: async IO and gtk

On Sun, 2004-11-07 at 01:15, Eric Mangold wrote:

First, I'm very new to perl at the moment. I'm using it to write a Gaim  

I would like to know the correct way to use asyncronous sockets with  
 From my reading of the docs it appears that GIOChannel's are used to handle
sockets, but they are not wrapped by gtk-perl.

sure they are:

 integer = Glib::IO->add_watch ($fd, $condition, $callback,
        $data=undef, $priority=G_PRIORITY_DEFAULT)

it's documented in the Glib::MainLoop man/perldoc page.

Is there a way to create a socket with perl and have gtk do the  
select()-ing on
it and call my code when interesting things happen?

$socket->fileno should give you the fd you need to pass to add watch.
you may have to "use Socket" for that to work, i can't remember.


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