Re: Is "The Official GNOME 2 Developer's Guide" from No Starch Press good for gnome-perl?

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On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 Brian McGonigle <brian mcgonigle verizon net> wrote:

I'm new to this list and would like to use the GNOME API in perl. I've
read about 2/3 of Practical C Programming from O'Reilly a little over 2
years ago and that's about the extent of my experience with C. I never
finished the book because I picked up Learning Perl at that time and
never looked back. I was wondering if "The Official GNOME 2 Developer's
Guide" would be any good for someone with no experience in C trying to
learn gnome-perl. Any recommendations? Also, if I have GTK+ for Win32
can I use gnome-perl? I hoping there's a binary package somewhere if I can.

I've been learning gtk2-perl myself the last few weeks. gtk2-perl is a
part of the gnome-perl project; you don't need to run the full GNOME in
order to use it. You can be like me, and run it on Window Maker. :)

All the core gtk2 documentation is with respect to the C API. I've
probably got more C experience than you, but like you, I vastly prefer
Perl and have been learning gtk exclusively through Perl.

I've actually found the most helpful website for API documentation is the
Ruby-GNOME site. Ruby's syntax is similar enough to Perl's to make it
pretty easy to convert, even though I know no Ruby at all, and the docs on
the Ruby site are pretty extensive.

gtk2-perl works with GTK+ for Win32, or so it claims on the page. :) You
obviously need Perl for Win32, too.

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