Re: Is "The Official GNOME 2 Developer's Guide" from No Starch Press good for gnome-perl?

On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 06:13, Brian McGonigle wrote:
learn gnome-perl. Any recommendations? Also, if I have GTK+ for Win32 
can I use gnome-perl? I hoping there's a binary package somewhere if I can.

Glib and Gtk2 can be used in win32 without too much trouble. gnome
itself can't be run on win32 and therefore Gnome2 can't. 

more times than not Glib and Gtk2 are all you really want/need.
obviously Gnome provides access to useful stuff, but i've personally
never written an app that used it (for anything other than

As you sure have read on the gtk2-perl web, the perl API closely follows
the C API. It follows it closely enough for the C documentation to be

                                             Jan 'Bulb' Hudec <bulb ucw cz

I've read that. I like the idea of having a book though. I'm on the 
train about 2.5 hours a day and a printed copy of the C docs would be 
too cumbersome. Would I be better off buying the book or cramming the C 
docs into my PDA?

i don't really know anything about the gnome book. If it were me i'd
grab a copy of the html (or your preferred format) C docs. between that
and the perl api doc (perldoc Gtk2::Button etc.) you ought to be able to
get the hang of things pretty quickly. there's also a Gtk2-Perl tutorial
(which we need to link to from the site) and a half decent introduction
to gui programming with gtk2-perl (which i wrote long ago.) 

one thing to watch out for is the fact that gtk-perl and gtk2-perl are
different due mainly to the differences in gtk 1/2. you don't want to
learn/fool with gtk-perl (gtk+-1.0.) 


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