Re: gtk2-perl documentation?

On Jun 27, 2004, at 12:29 PM, Daniel Flemming wrote:

Hi. I've been learning gtk2-perl recently, and anyway, I've found some gaps in the documentation, which I'm sure will shock everyone here. :)

Where should I send suggestions for additions to the docs? My source files are currently full of comments which document the API... perhaps they might be better-off in a .pod ;)

that would be great!

we've traditionally taken patches on here on the list, but we actually have a bugzilla product on ("gnome-perl"), which has been updated very recently so that we can use it now. that may make more sense.

for api documentation, we put the docs directly in the XS files, right above the functions they document, and use a custom documentation generator to create all of the pod files. there's a mini-language of special pod directives accepted by our generator; i don't know that it's documented, of course. there are plenty of examples in the code, though, and they should be rather self-explanatory (if not, just ask).

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