Re: [PATCH] Gnome2::VFS::read_entire_file crashes on failure

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 16:06, muppet wrote:

when gnome_vfs_read_entire_file() fails to load a file (is a directory,
for example) file_contents and file_size both get zeroed.  the bindings
were passing the NULL file_contents on to newSVpv(), but since file_size
is zero, newSVpv() thinks we want it to calculate the string's size for
us, and passes the NULL pointer to strlen().  strlen() doesn't like NULL

Oh, nice.  Committed to the stable branch (will go into HEAD soon,
too).  Just in time for a new stable release on Monday. :-)

thanks to gavin for stumbling upon this issue.

And thanks to you for the patch.


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