Re: segfault .....

Bruno Boettcher said:
yah i know.....
but its a production machine, and the admin is allready very unhappy
that i installed a new perl insto /usr/local.....
if now i tell him that i need even more space to install that stuff :D

fair enough.

that doesn't really look like it's a Gtk2 problem. Gtk2::Window->new is a
trivial wrapper around gtk_window_new so it's unlikely the problems are
stemming from that. it's dying pretty low down in gtk/gdk to boot.

my only, unlikely, thought would be that maybe Gtk2->init (or use Gtk2
'-init') was called before the call to Gtk2::Window->new? the app is dying
settings related stuff which you probably aren't dealing with in your app.
hmm nope....
i am running this with the POE - wrapper....
all the graphical elements are build before the call to init is made....

according to:
"Call this function before using any other GTK+ functions in your GUI

i will be surprised if this fixes anything, but it could. on really old gtk
there were some issues that required gtk_init to be called before just about
anything could be done. try init'ing gtk before trying to build up the ui
elements. i'd be surprised if you wouldn't have other big problems without
calling init first.


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