Re: segfault .....

On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 03:15:09PM -0400, Ross McFarland wrote:
glib/gtk+ 2.0.0 is really old, and rather buggy. if it's possible upgrading
glib/gtk+ would probably be a good idea. the oldes system i have around is
2.0.6 which was redhat 8, ~3 years old.
yah i know.....
but its a production machine, and the admin is allready very unhappy
that i installed a new perl insto /usr/local.....
if now i tell him that i need even more space to install that stuff :D

that doesn't really look like it's a Gtk2 problem. Gtk2::Window->new is a
trivial wrapper around gtk_window_new so it's unlikely the problems are
stemming from that. it's dying pretty low down in gtk/gdk to boot.

my only, unlikely, thought would be that maybe Gtk2->init (or use Gtk2
'-init') was called before the call to Gtk2::Window->new? the app is dying in
settings related stuff which you probably aren't dealing with in your app.
hmm nope....
i am running this with the POE - wrapper....
all the graphical elements are build before the call to init is made....

ciao bboett
bboett adlp org

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