i don't know what about the rpms (apt/mach env) changed but:

the rpm build of Gnome2::VFS is broken with dependency problems. it
appears that gnome-vfs2-devel doesn't depend on gtk2-devel either
directly or indirectly. vfs2perl.h includes gtk2perl.h which includes
gtk/gtk.h which isn't around and causes all sorts of hello to break
loose. Gnome2::VFS's dependency on Gtk2 doesn't pull it in b/c it's a
build dependency. 

possible solutions:
    - modify to buildrequires gtk2-devel
    - modify Gnome2-VFS and/or Gtk2 so that gtk/gtk.h isn't needed to
build Gnome2-VFS. 

the first is the simplest, but seems bad b/c if gnome2-vfs doesn't
depend on gtk2 why should the perl bindings for it. (which leads to the

the second could work as it seems that Gnome2::VFS only uses Gtk2 for
codegen (so we could still have a build dependency on Gtk2, but not a
runtime dep, which is weird, but...) Changing the EU::D call to use Glib
in place of Gtk2 (and changing the include to gperl.h from gtk2perl.h)
would be the first steps towards this, but there are problems. namely
the autogen'd Gnome2::VFS headers and boot code are no longer found.
apparently the EU::D picks up the -I build part of Gtk2's CFLAGS. if i
go through and add the build/ prefix to all of the now missing autogen'd
files everything is fine. 

the second case could have larger implications as in the codegen stuff
probably shouldn't be part of Gtk2 etc, but i don't know about that.
this all needs discussed/thought about. at any rate for the rpms of
Gnome2::VFS and Gnome2 to be built this needs resolving. the cases where
these problems would affect non-rpm builds would be rare, but possible.
this is a dependency problem and not an rpm one though.


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