Re: default params for GtkTextView scoll_to_(mark|iter)

On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 20:33, Ross McFarland wrote:

the attached patch provides default parameters for
$textview->scroll_to_(mark|iter). while writing code i assumed the
functions had default values for the align and margin params which
wasn't the case. since i assumed they had default values maybe they
should. they attached patch implements this. should this be done at all?
are these the correct/best values for defaults?

I'm not sure whether this is really in the scope of the bindings. 
There's no way we can be sure those are the defaults everybody would
expect.  And it's not that hard to create a custom wrapper in Perl if
one wants to save some keystrokes.

That's only my opinion though, i.e. it's a vote.


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