Re: Question about Glade vs no Glade

Daniel Kasak <dkasak nusconsulting com au> writes:

Trying to decide if it's about time I learnt to build gtk2-perl
apps using Glade for building the UI, leaving more time to write
the stuff that does important things in the background.


As for your second question, I think that using Glade is the only
way to go. Others will disagree with me. But using Glade means that
you've got more time for actual coding, and also that modifications
are much easier - especially when you're building complicated forms,
and *especially* if someone else has to modify your creation.

maybe do one save some time when prototyping a GUI, but when you'd to
change sg, you'll have to change it everywhere whereas with real code,
you can factorize common stuff (compare with HTML+CSS or LaTeX against
HTML as found in most web pages)

thus you eventually loose time while maintaining your application and
it may be error prone (eg: one forget to update a place).

but of course, one can run some regexpes on the xml files, ...

what's more, reading patches on xml is painful whereas one can check
what's altered in cvs commits when it's perl instead of xml.

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