Re: Question about Glade vs no Glade

Glen Gibson wrote:

Probably an easy one....

What is more resource intensive?  A gtk2-perl script that uses Glade to
build the GUI or just coding the GUI in the gtk2-perl script?

Trying to decide if it's about time I learnt to build gtk2-perl apps using
Glade for building the UI, leaving more time to write the stuff that does
important things in the background.

Thanks  :)
Firstly, I don't think the gtk2-perl script is being maintained.
I was told to use Glade2::XML, which is being maintained.

So now I'll answer a different question: which uses more resources - creating the GUI in code, or using Glade2::XML?
I'd expect using Glade2::XML takes *marginally* more resources.
Firstly, you're parsing the XML file. Then, I assume you are creating more objects, which means you need more memory ( ie instead of creating just a window, you'll be creating a Glade2::XML object, and also the window ).

Having said that, the difference would be so small that I'd be very surprised if you'd notice it even on a slow computer.

As for your second question, I think that using Glade is the only way to go. Others will disagree with me. But using Glade means that you've got more time for actual coding, and also that modifications are much easier - especially when you're building complicated forms, and *especially* if someone else has to modify your creation.

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