Gtk2 1.050 (unstable)

Gtk2 is a Perl extension providing Perl bindings to the 2.x series of the Gtk+ graphical user interface library. This module allows you to write graphical user interfaces in a perlish and object-oriented way, freeing you from the casting and memory management in C, yet remaining very close in spirit to original API. Find out more about Gtk+ at , and about Gtk2-Perl at .

This is an unstable development release of Gtk2, containing new features and other cool stuff that have been added since the 1.04x stable series. The API is not frozen and things are subject to change at any time. Report any bugs to gtk-perl-list AT gnome DOT org as soon as possible. Please use the stable 1.04x series for important work.

The source code is available from the gtk2-perl project page on sourceforge: showfiles.php?group_id=64773&package_id=91218&release_id=242956

...and from anonymous cvs, tagged "rel-1-05-0" in the directory /gtk2-perl-xs/Gtk2 .

This module requires these other modules and libraries:

  perl >= 5.8.0
  Glib >= 1.050 (perl module)
  GTK+ > 2.x (C library and prerequisites)

In order to build it from source, you'll also need

  ExtUtils::Depends >= 0.2
  ExtUtils::PkgConfig >= 1.03
  development headers for gtk+ and friends

Overview of Changes in Gtk2 1.050

* New unstable development branch.

* Require Glib 1.050.
* Code cleanup in XS, tests, and examples.  [Torsten, muppet, Ross]
* Even yet still more test suite improvements. [Torsten the Test Master]
* Documentation improvements.  [Torsten, muppet, Marc Lehmann]
* Allow the creation of anonymous marks.  [Marc Lehmann]
* ABI cleanup -- remove private functions from ABI by marking them as static. This has the possibility of breaking ABI compatibility; it *shouldn't*, because nobody should be using these private functions outside of the Gtk2 module, but you never know what's going to happen when dealing with win32's braindead linker. If there are any bugs you think are related to this,
  please report them immediately to the gtk-perl-list and we'll fix them
  asap.  [Torsten]
* Newly bound functions and such [Torsten unless otherwise noted]:
  - gtk+'s GC pool (the GtkGC functions)
  - Gtk2::Gdk::text_property_to_text_list, text_property_to_utf8_list,
    string_to_compound_text, utf8_to_compound_text,
string_to_compound_text_for_display, utf8_to_compound_text_for_display,
    and utf8_to_string_target.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::draw_indexed_image.
  - Gtk2::Pango::Font::get_glyph_extents.
  - Gtk2::Pango::Rectangle and functions that use it,
    Gtk2::Pango::Layout::index_to_pos, get_cursor_pos, get_extents,
    and get_pixel_extents.
  - Gtk2::Pango::LayoutIter and functions that use it,
    Gtk2::Pango::Layout::get_iter, Gtk2::Pango::LayoutIter::get_index,
    at_last_line, next_char, next_cluster, next_run, next_line,
get_char_extents, get_cluster_extents, get_run_extents, get_line_extents,
    get_layout_extents, get_line_yrange, and get_baseline.
  - Gtk2::Pango::Fontset.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::Visual.
- Gtk2::Pango::Context::list_families, Gtk2::Pango::FontFamily::get_name, is_monospace, list_faces, Gtk2::Pango::FontFace::describe, get_face_name,
    and list_sizes.  [muppet]
  - Gtk2::Gdk::Input.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::init, init_check, and parse_args.
  - Add and test the ability to change the device with
    Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Motion::device, Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Button::device,
Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Scroll::device, and Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Proximity::device.
  - Gtk2::Gdk::Pixmap::lookup, lookup_for_display, foreign_new, and
  - Gtk2::TreeSelection::get_user_data.
- Gtk2::Gdk::Keymap::get_entries_for_keyval and get_entries_for_keycode.
* Rework GdkKeymap handling to allow the methods to be called
  properly.  [Torsten]
* Allow easy access to the data of a SimpleList row when given a
  path.  [Nathan Kurz]

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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