Re: Win32 binaries?

On Wednesday, June 2, 2004, at 12:15 PM, John McDermott wrote:

Where are the Win32 binaries? I looked on but I did not see a link. I have some older ones, but wondered if anyone is keeping these up. I do not have any Win32 compilers so I cannot build them myself.

hrm. there's a link in the faq, under "Q: Are there Pre-built Packages available?", to wayne keenan's 1.02x binaries ( i would've sworn there was another link there somewhere. if nothing else, a search for "gtk2-perl win32" on google returns his page as the first link:

there don't appear to be any 1.04x binaries for win32, but i know they work. i have built them for myself many times, but i have neither the experience nor resources to make an installer for them. i tried making ActiveState PPMs in the past, but they wouldn't install properly, most likely because of some operator error on my part.

wayne, are you listening?  can you update the binaries on your site?

if you are using cygwin and X, yaakov selkowitz has put a fair amount of effort into packaging gtk2-perl 1.04x for cygwin:

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