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Hi everyone and thanks to Jan who answered my previous question ,

En ce jour du Tue, 1 Jun 2004 11:34:22 +0200,
"David lacravate" <lacravate mongueurs net> parlait ainsi 
Where is the 'select-row' signal ? Where has it gone ? To what was it
turned to ?
'row-activated' responds only on a double click and that's surely not
what i need ... 
I continue with what i find bizarre in the way GTK2 deals with selection .
The reason to turn two very definite and obvious signals into one ,
forcibly confusing , is a mystery to me .

As well , there is the mystery of the first selection and the un-selection

Why the first selection returns two treepaths tha first time (i think i
know but i'd like to hear it from soomebody who really does :) ?

How on earth can the user de-select a row (and possibly leave the
selection empty) . 

I manage those things perfectly well with GTK 1 (mark my mwords , i am not
saying i miss it ;-) but now i quite lost or slow to recall my memories .

Thanks for any highlights ...

David 'lacravate'
lacravate mongueurs net
tresorier mongueurs net

Perl en France

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