Re: autogen'd pod from perl only module

On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 21:53, muppet wrote:
On Jul 29, 2004, at 9:00 PM, Ross McFarland wrote:

i was expecting to have to hack around with things to get it to work 
(it's been a while since i've looked at all that code) but all it 
actually required was passing the pm file(s) where the xs file(s) 
normally go and putting a MODULE line in the pm file.

would it make sense to have the parser recognize 
/^package\s+(\w[\w:]*);/ as well?

that would be a good idea.

i was mainly trying to come up with something that wouldn't modify
anything so that it could be done with any existing versions. if we want
to add something new to allow it to work better i'm all for it. that
should be all that's required otherwise pod is pod. our special meanings
imposed upon it will work just the same. 

methods are the only remaining point, they can never be auto-done since
no xs exists for them. =for apidoc's and such may work to fill in that
gap. i'm looking into this now.


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