autogen'd pod from perl only module

i found myself needing to investigate how we could do autogen'd pod from
perl only modules (where there are no xs files) and this is the result:

i was expecting to have to hack around with things to get it to work
(it's been a while since i've looked at all that code) but all it
actually required was passing the pm file(s) where the xs file(s)
normally go and putting a MODULE line in the pm file. unfortunaly it
that module line can't be in a pod section or it gets ignored by the
parser so (unless someone has other ideas) you have to put the hand
written pod in an __END__ section. 

for those of you wondering what i'm talking about this method gets the
normal auto-generated gtk2-perl pod sections and interleaves them with
the hand done pod (just like the normal xs mechinisms do).


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