Re: Gnome2::Wnck 0.05

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 21:29, muppet wrote:

this means that wnck is rather broken for changing API in a patchlevel
release.  i would vote for considering to be 2.6.3, unless you want to
define an extra macro, e.g., HEY_I_AM_BROKEN.

Ok, I added

  # Mark to work around an API change.  Would someone please 
  # stop the madness?
  if ($pkgcfg{modversion} eq "") {
    $pkgcfg{cflags} .= " -DWNCK_I_AM_SO_INCREDIBLY_BROKEN";

to the Makefile.PL, changed the #if on wnck_window_close accordingly,
and will release a new version of Gnome2::Wnck soon.


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