Re: Gnome2::Wnck 0.05

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

* Make sure we work with libwnck 2.6.3, which introduces an
  incompatible API change -- in a stable release.

some checks are done against version 2.6.3 vs 2.6.2.
however, the build will fail with libwnck-

i'd to apply the following patch in order to successfully build
this package:

Gar, that sucks.  I didn't know there was a  2.6.2 still
has the old version of wnck_window_close, and our version checking
macros don't support four-part version numbers.  Any advice on how
to proceed?

maybe doing extra checking with autoconf ?
the pkgconfig file has a "Version:" field.
I've no idea where those are coming from, but I'm pretty sure it's
not Gnome2::Wnck.

indeed. it was a fix ("fix build when there's no xdisplay available")
from Per Oyvind Karlsen against version 0.02

you can safely ignore it

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