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ArtÅras Ålajus wrote:


everything seems ok.
maybe there is another widgt with same name?

$notedetails is a single-purpose window, containg 1 thing: $note_txt, which is a GtkTextView.
The above code runs without any errors at all.

i mean another widget with same name in _whole_ xml file

Damn, that's a bit harsh! I would have thought you could re-use the same widget name on different windows in the same xml file.

Anyway, I renamed it and it still didn't work, so I deleted the window, saved the glade project, and created another, and it's now working, so it looks like it may have been a glade xml issue.

Also, it's now working no matter what I call it - whether I've used the widget name somewhere else or not. I've called it a unique name for now, but since this is a DB app there will be a lot of times where field names will be re-used, and keeping the widget naming consistent would be a bonus. Can someone confirm for me if I do have to use unique widget names across the entire glade xml file?

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