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Daniel Kasak wrote:

ArtÅras Ålajus wrote:

Daniel Kasak wrote:

Hi all.

I want to display a note in a text widget.
From what I understand, I need a GtkTextView widget to display text that takes up more than one line.

Here's what I've got so far to get the note in the widget:

my ( $widget, $event ) = @_;
# Check if we've received a double-click event; exit if we haven't
if ($event->type ne '2button-press') {
my $slist = $prospects->get_widget("Notes_SList");
my @selected = $slist->get_selected_indices;
my $note_txt = $slist->{data}[$selected[0]][3];
my $textbuffer = Gtk2::TextBuffer->new;
my $notedetails = Gtk2::GladeXML->new($gladefile, 'NoteDetails');

I'm getting the correct text in $note_txt, but something goes wrong ( or doesn't happen ) after this, because my Gtk2::TextView is empty.

What am I doing wrong?

everything seems ok.
maybe there is another widgt with same name?

$notedetails is a single-purpose window, containg 1 thing: $note_txt, which is a GtkTextView.
The above code runs without any errors at all.
i mean another widget with same name in _whole_ xml file

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