Re: win size probs CPAN Gtk2-1.043

Jens Wilke said:
enlarging the window is possible and the hight can be reduced.

this means that set_resizable() worked.

There seems to be a minimum width, which can't be overwritten with
$win->set_default_size (x, y);

if the widgets within the window request more space than the window's default
size, the window will grow.

to allow the widgets to shrink (or at least to request less size) you need to
do things like use scrolled windows and more flexible packing.  for example,
if you have a list or text box in a scrolled window but the scroller's
horizontal scroll policy is set to "never", the widget will request as much
width as necessary to display everything.  (the fix:  use "automatic" instead)

I figured out that Gtk2::Button require too much space in the
$hbox2->set_spacing_default(0); does not help.
Buttons are 'add' or packed by 'pack_start ($o_NButton,0, 0,0)'


muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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