Re: win size probs CPAN Gtk2-1.043

Jens Wilke said:

after updating to Gtk2-1.043 from CPAN, the main window is more wide
than the screen. It is not resizable any more.
I tried:
$win->set_resizable (1);
$win->resize (700, 600);
which has no effects.

Are there any changes, that i overlook?

there isn't anything about the bindings that (should) cause anything like that.

did the Gtk2 tests pass in the build to cpan. they test things related to this?

as for those functions not working, the bindings of those functions shouldn't
changed in (probably) over a year. i can't imagine what's going on there. if
this is Gtk2's fault something bad has gone wrong. both of those functions are
thin (only parameter conversion from perl vars to C.)


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