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On Tue, 13 Jul 2004, Ross McFarland wrote:

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 19:57, Daniel Kasak wrote:
As I assume most people know, the search function on the list archives
is broken.
Is there a command I can send at the list server to get it to send me
all messages between 2 dates or something?

i don't know about searching for dates but i usually use a google trick.
search for something like: gtk2-perl something

Google does have a date-modified specifier in its advanced settings, I
believe. However, it's going to be the date that the file was indexed by the
Googlebot, so a rough measure, but if you need something from a particular
year I would look at the Google settings screen (Googlebot indexes most
websites each month; I would suggest allowing for about 3 months of elbow
room in your searches).

(heh, go figure. first time I get to be the expert on this list. library
school - good for something. :)
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