PerlGTK with GTK module written in C ?

Hi all,
    I'm new to PyGTK / Perl-GTK / Java-GTK and also to GTK+. I'm doing
an initial study, to write a generic test automation tool, which will
completely test the GNOME based applications.

I have written a GTK module in C (gtk_module_init). PyGTK, PerlGTK,
JavaGTK, GuileGTK, TCL-GTK are already available. What I thought is, why
can't we integrate the different languages like Python, Perl, Java into
our module (Which I have already written it). So that people who knows
Python / Perl / Java can write an external plug-in. Which will be called
at run-time. This may be integrated by using signals (This is only my

Steps that I have assumed:
Create new signal inside C module, then emit the signal when required.
The Python / Perl / Java application can connect to the signal and
register a call back. By, the way I also need to pass GObject type to
the call back, which has been passed actually from C module.

Will my assumption work ? First of all my assumption is correct ? Is
there anyway to achieve this goal  (Maybe using some IPC mechanism) ?


Nagappan <anagappan novell com>
Novell Software Development (I) Ltd

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