Help with CellRendererPopup

Hi all.

I've been trying in vain for more hours than I'd care to admit to get a modified example working ... the Mup::CellRendererPopup.

This is what I've got so far ( please excuse what Mozilla does to my formatting ):

$slist = Gtk2::SimpleList->new_from_treeview(
$prospects->get_widget('TelecomAccounts_SList'), 'ID' => 'hidden', 'AccountNo' => 'text', 'Supplier_index' => 'int', 'Notes' => 'text', 'Need Itemisation' => 'bool', 'Suppliers' => 'text'

my $renderer = Mup::CellRendererPopup->new;
$renderer->set (mode => 'editable');

$column = Gtk2::TreeViewColumn->new_with_attributes (
                                                        list        => 5,
                                                        'index'     => 2,

$renderer->signal_connect (edited => sub {
my ($cell, $text_path, $new_index, $model) = @_; my $path = Gtk2::TreePath->new_from_string ($text_path); my $iter = $model->get_iter ($path); $model->set ($iter, 2, $new_index);
}, $model);

$slist->append_column ($column);

and later on, getting the data:

my $sth = $dbh->prepare
( "select ID, AccountNo, SupplierID, Notes, ItemisationRequired from TelecomAccounts where LeadNo=?" );


@list_data = ();

while (my @rec = $sth->fetchrow_array) {
push @list_data, [ $rec[0], $rec[1], $rec[2], $rec[3], $rec[4], [ sort(@telecom_suppliers) ] ];

if (@list_data) {
$prospects->get_widget("TelecomAccounts_SList")->set_data_array( [ @list_data ] );
} else {

and finally, the @telecom_suppliers array is loaded when the app starts, with:

my $ms_sth = $ms_dbh->prepare("select SupplierName from Suppliers
where Product like '%t%' or Product like '%m%'
                                            order by SupplierName");

while (@row = $ms_sth->fetchrow_array) {
    push @telecom_suppliers, 'SupplierName'  => $row[0];


When the app starts, I get a string of these errors:

GLib-GObject-WARNING **: unable to set property `list' of type `GPerlSV' from value of type `gchararray' at /home/dan/sales/ line 3178.

Line 3178 is the last line of my app.

The combo-box-looking cellrenderer is displayed, but when it's selected, the list is empty.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Daniel Kasak
IT Developer
NUS Consulting Group
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North Sydney, NSW, Australia 2060
T: (+61) 2 9922-7676 / F: (+61) 2 9922 7989
email: dkasak nusconsulting com au
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