Re: basic window with button

A.Shikoff said:
I'm newbie in Perl/GTK, thus I can't find the solution of problem described


How can I make the button to not change size while window resizing?

packing containers allow you to specify how the child will be handled during
resize; if the child is packed into the container with "expand" enabled, the
child will expand to take up all available size.

you didn't say how the button was packed into the window, so i can't get more
specific than that.  if you just did $window->add ($button), then the button
will expand by default.  the window is just a bin, and doesn't handle anything
more complicated; try using a box or a table.

This is covered in the "Packing Widgets" section of the tutorials:

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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