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Murray Cumming
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On Wednesday, January 21, 2004, at 05:29 AM, 
Murray Cumming Comneon com 

There seem to be some new perl tarball versions, but I 
haven't seen an 
announcement. Is there a list of versions and NEWS-style changes?

I made the releases last thursday night, with announcements only to 
gtk-perl-list.  If you'd like the announcements to go to 
language-bindings as well, i can do that.

Yes, please, I don't follow the perl or Java lists in detail.

 I didn't spam the 
lists with 
another announcement for the release set since the plan was to take 
whatever is current when the release date rolls around.

That makes sense, but still I would like an announcement, and this gives you
a chance to list changes.

   Glib-1.021 (stable)


The unstable series is not interesting to us.

The unstable series, which we plan to have ready for the final platform 
bindings release set, is where the action is.

  Glib-1.030 (unstable)

You really need to list the changes/improvements when you announce a
release. Please ee the gtkmm NEWS file or a gtkmm announcement for an

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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