[RFC] Changing the bindings for gnome_popup_menu_append


as you probably have noticed, Pascal Giard brought up a nasty issue that
pops up if you use Gtk2 in conjunction with Gnome2 and try to call
$menu->append -- $menu being either a Gtk2::Menu or a Gtk2::MenuShell.

Since it works on a Gtk2::MenuShell and since I didn't know that
Gtk2::MenuShell::append exists, gnome_popup_menu_append was bound as
Gtk2::Menu::append.  Those two obviously collide.

So, without further ado, I hereby propose that the binding for
gnome_popup_menu_append be changed to

  Gnome2::PopupMenu::append($menu, $ui_info).

Code that uses $menu->append($ui_info) and expects to get
gnome_popup_menu_append would have to be changed.  I know that this is a
drastic step but I see no feasible alternative.

If you have good arguments that have not been considered or if you can
come up with a better way to handle this issue, please speak up now. 
There is an API freeze coming on Monday and the problem has to be solved
by then.


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