Small fix for CellRendererSpinButton

Just figured out a solution to my last problem ( custom CellRendererSpinButton doesn't update the value if you use mouse-only input ).

Add the following inside the START_EDITING sub:


 $spin_button -> signal_connect(focus_out_event => sub {
$spin_button -> update();
   $cell -> signal_emit(edited => $path, $spin_button -> get_value());


This also lessons the infuriating behaviour of the spinbutton to drop all changes if you stop scrolling ( with the mouse ) and then start scrolling again in quick succession ( gets interpreted as a double-click ). I don't know about everyone else, but when I use spin buttons, I hold it down to spin rapidly for a while, then when I get closer to the value I want, I use quick little hits of the spin button to get to the final value. If I did this, the spinbutton used to revert to the original value ... now it just updates to the current value and then destroys itself. You can then click in it again and start off from where you where. Not perfect, but better.

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